ESP Synchronization Program

Elementary Stage (Basic Level)

At this stage, children must make use of their various senses such as smell, touch, skin sensations and hearing abilities, but they are still unable to directly use their brain waves to detect these objects. The training will involve distinguishing colour and playing cards, etc. The props selected are mainly in plain colours, and the number of colours will be added gradually during training.
The purpose of this Elementary Stage training is to enhance stability and accuracy. After this, children are expected to be able to differentiate several colours.
Once children gains some sense of light, it would be suggested that he or she can move on to the Intermediate stage.

Basic Level

  • Distinguish colours and colours differentiation:
    Ability to “see” or “feel” the objects colours with colours differentiation.
  • Distinguish numbers and shapes:
    Ability to “see” or “feel” the number or shape on playing cards such as MBM training card or Uno card.
  • Categories according to colours and reordering numbers.

Medium Level

  • Activities carried out on the table:
    Puzzles, colour chips, crafts, reading, etc.
  • Writing activities:
    Pictures colouring, drawings, writing words, doing school homework and etc.
  • Board games:
    Playing card games which take up a larger perimeter such as poker and chess activities.

Intermediate Stage (Medium Level)

At this stage, children can directly ‘see’ by brain waves. However, as the ability is still unstable, continuous practices are essential to strengthen and stabilise the ability. Training will be conducted through table top activities, reading and writing. Activities include playing with puzzles, bricks and training cards, colouring pictures, drawings, book reading, computer games and etc.
They can be carry out the activities related to reading or involve the use of hands, as long as they are suitable to practice on a table. Parents are highly recommended to be creative and develop their own activities, so as to keep their children interested during the training.
The purpose of this Intermediate Stage training is to develop the ability to ‘see’ by brain waves within a short distance. Parents should pay special attention to enhance children’s sensitivity to light, and to train the strength of their brain waves gradually.
When children can ‘see’ objects and the environment clearly, it would be a good indication that they can move on to the Advanced Level.

Advanced Stage (Advance Level)

Different children will enter this stage of training at different times and they need to be patient to master their abilities.
At this stage, the ability to ‘see’ by brainwaves is already completely developed, yet it can be further enhanced through consolidation activities and practices to ‘see’ within a larger perimeter and further distance.
Therefore, activities at this stage usually involve larger spaces. For instance, children can be trained through watching television, playing on the computer, picking up objects, walking indoor or outdoor and roller-skating.
The focus of the Advanced Stage is to consolidate the ability and improve the range and distance that the child can ‘see’ in. At the same time, by increasing the difficulty of the tasks, children are exposed to more opportunities, which help to further discover their potentials. It is beneficial to incorporate the training into daily activities.

Advance Level

  • Walking freely with obstacle:
    Ability to walk freely indoors, avoid obstacles and pick up objects.
  • Watching animation training:
    Ability to watch television, use a computer and other activities related to watching.
  • Outdoor activities:
    Ability to walk freely outdoors, rides a bicycle, roller-skate, play badminton and etc.

Workshop Planning:

It is a 2 days’ workshop which provides a brain training to activate children’s hidden potential. BRAIN ENRICHMENT AND EMPOWERMENT programme is a method of helping children to understand and utilize their powerful whole brain ability. It’s to stimulate a balance between the left and right brain. The children would have the ability to do things with their eyes closed. This active intuition on children as they grow up will enable the right brain to remain active and will not only be dominated by their left brain. The middle and the whole brain will function optimally.This is a perfect gift for children when the midbrain had been activated. When they are blindfolded the children will use their brainwave to sense the objects, as even to feel, smell, hearing or visual.


BEEP workshop Time Parent’s session Recommended age group Class size Training teams
2 days and every weekend follow up sessions of 4 hrs for a period of 1 month 9am – 5pm 1 hour on 2nd Day (preview/ demo) 19 Years and above 10 – 20 students 1 trainer (1 assistant per 4 students)



Overall well-being and stress management
  • More energy and stamina
  • Less fatigue
  • Reduced stress perception
  • Fewer negative physical symptoms
  • Improved digestion


Emotional well-being and social interactions
  • Enhanced confidence and self-esteem
  • Calmness
  • Greater consideration for others
  • More harmonious connections to family members, colleagues and peers
  • Greater enjoyment of everyday activities


Cognitive functions and learning
  • Improved attention and concentration
  • Sharper memory
  • Deeper intuition
  • Expanded imagination and creativity
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